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Tools & Strategies That Work

More often than not, companies that are seeking growth through an acquisition, an equity recapitalization, or are simply needing to scale up, need multiple disciplines at their disposal, as well as sound, strategic implementation of those disciplines. This is what distinguishes Sapient. We believe that It's not enough to just provide your client with equity, debt, or a merger effective investment banking firm must be able to deliver highly structured platforms that create synergies, increase shareholder value, and are scalable. This is why our spectrum of services include, but are not limited to:

Growth Capital 
Private Equity Partnering
Majority & Minority Recaps
Acquisition Capital
Management Buyout 

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Aviation | Aerospace

Sapient represents aviation-aerospace clients in a multitude of capacities. Whether assisting a client with structuring a private equity recapitalization, going to market to complete a 100% sell of the company, or identifying roll-up opportunities for growth Sapient has a stellar reputation for completing transactions ahead of time, and with a competitive fee structure. Whether your company is an aviation MRO, supply chain manufacturer, line maintenance provider, or parts broker, Sapient has the bandwidth to quickly assess and value your operating income so as to construct an effective market strategy that yield above market multiples.

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Restaurant | Franchises

Sapient, through its affiliate platform with Franbiznetwork ("SapientFranbiz") provides buy-side and sell-side representation to owners and operating groups in the fast-food restaurant industry. Annually, more than $40M worth of purchase and sale transactions are done through our affiliate. Whether you are seeking to begin investing in restaurant franchises, add to an existing portfolio, or sell-off non-performing stores, SapientFranbiz market knowledge, as well as its deep rolodex of buyers, sellers, and investment banks, ensures that your transaction is completed timely, effectively and profitably.

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Real Estate | Construction

Many real estate projects start off with good intentions, but are plagued by poorly planned contingencies and interdisciplinary strategies. We understand that real estate is an inherently interdisciplinary field, and that it is essential for advisers to understand not only the larger context of real estate markets, but also how one discipline interacts with others. Sapient's real estate capital structuring group boasts team leaders from premiere institutions such the University of Southern California's Price School of Real Estate Development and Finance. Rest assured, Sapient understands that capital markets, political and regulatory environments are constantly changing, making it difficult for projects to be completely successfully. However, Sapient's approach to real estate project capital structuring, proven development process, modeling and strategic market knowledge ensures that its engagements are completed with resounding results.

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